Data Couture exists because mobile users are looking for immersive gaming experiences that increasingly respond to how they play. We are the mobile app company that brings hyper-personalized experiences using artificial intelligence that learns how users interact with their mobile world. Where other companies are offering traditional and generic mobile experiences, we develop novel and individualized games and apps.

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Our apps are available on iOS and Android devices. With nearly 5 Billion mobile customers around the globe, and with those customers downloading nearly 105 Billion Apps each year, Data Couture is aiming for that segment of 38.3 Billion gaming app downloads. By providing our highly personalized app experiences, we expect to make an appreciable difference to both the market and our wonderful customers.


Did you know that Data Couture has a podcast covering all things data (and data-driven) culture at home, at work, and on the go? Episodes cover topics ranging from the struggles of changing a company’s culture to the latest and greatest products and services employing the power of data and predictive analytics.

 The Podcast drops three episodes per week! On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays you can find Data Couture wherever you get podcasts.

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Then, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the Data Couture vlog, Data Driven, is available on our YouTube Channel. The vlog is less technical and follows Jordan along his day-to-day experience working as a data professional. Check out some of the latest episodes below!


Data Couture maintains social media presences on Twitter (@datacouturepod), Instagram (@datacouturepodcast), Facebook (@datacouture), LinkedIn, and Patreon. Check out our fresh content five days a week so you can stay up to date with everything going on with Data Couture.