Where can you find Data Couture?

In case you’re having trouble finding Data Couture around the internet, here is a handy guide to lead you on your journey!

Social Media

Data Couture maintains multiple social media pages! You can find us at all of the following locations:

(Patreon) patreon.com/datacouture

(Twitter) twitter.com/datacouturepod

(Instagram) instagram.com/datacouturepodcast

(Facebook) facebook.com/datacouturepod

(LinkedIn) linkedin.com/company/datacouturepodcast/


You have found the home of Data Couture on the web. However, we maintain two separate websites. They are:

(You’re already here) datacouture.org

(Buzzsprout) datacouture.buzzsprout.com

Audio/Video Feeds

If you don’t already know, you can find the podcast on practically every outlet available to the listener! While we won’t list every possible podcast app, they typically source content from the following places:

(Apple) podcasts.apple.com

(Google) play.google.com

(Soundcloud) soundcloud.com

(YouTube) youtube.com

Of course, you can find us on Spotify, Pandora, and on your Alexa or Google Home! Check it out today!





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