Episode 42: An Interview with Lance Gibbs on Employee Experience and the Future of the Data Industry

Today we have a very exciting interview with the fantastic Lance Gibbs – Founder and Chairman of BP3 Global!!!!!

We talk about how employee experience improves customer experience, which leads to profit. Further, we cover the future of AI, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Robotic Process Automation. Stay Tuned!

Lance brings over 20 years of experience in IT and strategic business initiatives to BP3. He is a Certified Master Blackbelt in Six Sigma, an OCEB-Advanced BPM Expert, an evangelist for business process improvement, and currently leads BP3’s involvement in OMG, specifically the OMG Business Process certification exams.

Lance is the author of many best practice articles concerning Business Process Management. He also has many years of experience rolling out software development lifecycle methods for blue chip companies. Lance was formerly Lombardi Software’s Managing Director of Transformation Services, with additional responsibility for creating and innovating Lombardi’s BPM implementation methodology, as well as previous positions leading Customer Support, Training, and managing the service delivery in Europe.

Previously, Lance was Managing Partner at USWeb/CKS where he grew the operation from the ground up and was responsible for strategic customers as well as the consulting disciplines for the Austin group.

Lance has a great book out called “Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys: Why the Path to Transformational Customer Experience Runs Through Employee Experience”. Be sure to pick that up wherever you get books!

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