Episode 53: (Data Bites) Does a Beautiful Corporate HQ Lead to Data Culture Transformation?

On today’s Data Bites, I lush over the new corporate headquarters that my credit union has built.

However, there is a significant reason why this will lead to my initiative to drive a data culture transformation. Find out how now!

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welcome dedicated tour. I’m your host Jordan. And on today’s data bytes, we’re going to be talking about something that is kind of personal to my own journey and my current company, namely IH Mississippi Valley credit union. And that is the importance of place for truly building out a world class data culture at an organization. So I want all of you to stay tuned, because I am truly excited. It’s hard to explain. We’ll get into it. But what my company has done, what my execs have been able to achieve is truly amazing. And I can’t wait to tell you guys about it. So stay tuned.
Alright, so let’s get into it. What do I mean about what I’m excited about? Well, for those of you that don’t live in the Quad Cities, the Illinois Iowa set of towns, you will not know this, but those who do will have seen the construction going on for quite a while. Nevertheless, my company has built a wall, it’s just called what it is, it’s an exquisite jewel of a corporate headquarters, right? I can’t think of a more gorgeous place to get the opportunity to work in because one, it’s right on the Mississippi River, to it’s absolutely massive, and it will easily hold all the people that were moving in. Of course, we’re not moving in branch stuff, because they have to facilitate the branch. But nevertheless, you know, it’s going to hold everybody else who don’t necessarily have to show up in the branches. And what this building is like, you know, there’s all this stuff going on about open office and how it’s the worst managerial decision to ever happen when it comes to Office layout. You know, they’re they’re all these kind of retrospectives on how startups have kind of ruined the corporate office, right. And, you know, they have things like ping pong tables, and air hockey rinks, and kegs. And this, that and the other, right. And it’s kind of proving to be not interesting for the vast majority of workers. And to be quite honest, I’m a millennial, though. I’m characterize myself as an elder male millennial, certainly closer to the, the the older and age range. But nevertheless, you know, I do care about my surroundings. And I am deeply affected by architecture and by furniture and by design. For what that’s worth, nevertheless, what has been created, what’s been built, and we have an excellent architecture firm and excellent builders. And for those of you who care, their union labor, which I care about, nevertheless, we’ve been by we, I mean, my execs have have shepherded this building the construction, everything to create this space that is truly all inspiring. It has this massive veranda, that’s three stories tall, it’s open and has all this beautiful seating and a lot of the workspace areas have been thoughtfully designed so that it’s not like an open office. There’s still some privacy’s and privacy for my UK and Irish listeners.
Nevertheless, it’s just a fabulous place. And so what I want to talk about today, well, given that the theme is creating a shadow team and shadow analytics team and creating data driven culture, why would I be talking about a building design? Well, this building in particular, is built in such a way that people can get up and move around, they’re not tied to their cubes, they’re not tied to their desks, they can get up and interact with anybody else across the organization. And given kind of the placement of where we’ve put people, again, by we the exact same, I mean, it’s, it’s almost optimal for really and encouraging the use of data, the transmission of insights in order to make accurate business decisions. And I can only think of this as a huge bull market almost for what I’m attempting to do. I’m attempting to, again, Shepherd our company from one that uses gut instinct to one that is purely data driven. And given the amount of technology and screens and TVs that are all over the place. And we have awesome, touch sensitive, massive monitors that are bigger than some walls in my house, we can interact with some of the tools that my team makes at some of the tools, my data and I’ll air my shadow analytics team makes everywhere, anywhere, right? It’s just it’s going to make it so accessible and the design the layout, the ethos of this building is so imperative to what I’m attempting to do in this, this data driven initiative. Right? And so what I want to say is for all of those of you listening who really care about are hell if you don’t care if you don’t know, you know, who are thinking about moving to a new space, you should know that it is truly important people like me to people, my generation to people in the data profession that they have a place that feels good to go to like today I was there and I you know, we haven’t officially moved in or anything but I was there today and I didn’t want to leave I wasn’t done hang out watch the sunset, you know, watch the the tug boats and the barges and the other boats going down the river. I just wanted to be there. And then you pair that with gentle nudges. Like, Oh, look, here’s all the analytics stuff, live in all around you. It’s sure to change one’s perspective, change one’s modus operandi for how they do business day to day so that we can get to that data driven culture faster, we can beat out the competition. And I’m not talking about other credit unions. I’m talking about the big boys, the big banks, talking about Apple what their new credit card, I’m talking about all of it, right? It requires this kind of space. And I don’t mean it to sound like a an ad for anybody who wants to join my team, but it’s really got me kind of shocked, right? It’s It’s very cool. So if you’re considering Why is it my my company culture, getting better? Wow, have you looked around the room? What’s the building look like? It might sound trivial, but it matters. So think about it. So until next time, I’ll talk to you tomorrow. That’s it for the show. Thank you for listening. If you liked what you’ve heard, then consider leaving a comment or like down below. Stay up to date on everything data couture, be sure to follow us on Twitter at data couture pod. consider becoming a patron@patreon.com forward slash data couture music for the podcast. It’s called foolish game. God don’t work on commissioned by the artist spinmeister us under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license,
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