Episode 57a: Data Couture: A New Scope

We are moving to a slightly different format! Even though we have done a lot of good work covering the many areas of data, machine learning, data science, data/cultural transformations, and the rest, we have only barely scratched the surface on what is going on in these areas.

This first Monday Episode is a reorientation down a more technical path! Even though Jordan will still cover high level and exciting topics in the data profession, he will also be going far more technical into the depths of various aspects in the technologies employed in all the awesome things currently happening!

So, stay tuned!

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Welcome to data tour the podcast covering data culture at work at home and on the go. I’m your host, Jordan Bohall. If you’d like to stay up to date with all things, data and data couture, then head over to our social media pages. If you’d like to help support the show, and check out our Patreon page@patreon.com, forward slash data couture, know under the show.
Welcome to data couture, I’m your host, Jordan, and you might have noticed something a little different at the outset of the show, namely, new intro, new song, what does that mean? That means that something’s going on with data tour. Well, here’s what it is, I have covered quite a bit of general purpose information when it comes to all things relating to data and, you know, the the general, I guess, overview of what’s going on in the data industry. And because of that, I, you know, I feel like I haven’t really provided too much depth to anyone, I’ve just given kind of a, oh, here’s what’s happening, kind of a pill. And that’s great, that’s very necessary. And it’s been a great foundation for what I want to do next. And so today, you’ll notice that I have two episodes Episode 57, eight and 57 be this episode 27. A is more or less a reintroduction to the show, because here’s what I am doing differently. First, you’ve noticed that I have a new intro, I also have a new transition, here it is now.
I thought that was kind of funny, because who knows if I know so much about things. But nevertheless, I also have a new intro, which will here at the end of this. But beyond that, I’m going to change the format up a little bit. And so there will still be the Monday episodes and those will be, I don’t know, 20 ish minutes long like they are now. There will be Wednesday episodes and Friday episodes. But instead of being so general knowledge about things and having 10 minute, Wednesday and Friday episodes, those are going to be longer form, those are going to be, you know, closer to 20 minutes each. And so on the Monday episodes, I will be introducing a general topic, but then we’re going to be diving deep into something that makes that topic work. So if it’s the Internet of Things will be diving deep into edge computing, or if it’s self driving cars will be doing a deep dive into blood and maybe how some of those components work. Furthermore, if we’re talking about AI and machine learning, we’re going to be released, I’m going to be covering a particular machine learning, algorithm and depth, right. So that that’s kind of the plan for the Monday episodes, as well as perhaps the Wednesday episodes, which I’m going to be calling Tech Talk. And the Friday episodes will be how to actually implement these rather technical pieces and to what you might already have in your organization and how perhaps your employees, your team members can really get us out of them. And so we’re taking kind of a left turn here we’re going from general discussion, General excitement about all these new interesting technologies, which don’t get me wrong, there still be quite a bit of that, to what I truly love, namely the technical aspects of that and the technical implementations for those technologies. And so, I’m trying to take us from where we started, namely, a general overview of everything that’s kind of happening in the industry. And now let’s start to zero in on some of the really important aspects for each one of those types of tech, right. But beyond that, I’ve kind of dropped a hint on social media. And maybe I did so on one of the previous episodes, I can’t remember. But I’m also going to be supplying content on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the Tuesday and Thursday episodes won’t be traditional podcasts, they will be located on the data tour YouTube page, and they will be more or less kind of how should I put a what my life is actually like when it comes to day to day issues surrounding the data problems that I’m facing at work, right. And so they’re going to be drive time type videos, I literally me driving in my car from my house to my work, which takes almost exactly 22 minutes, I’m sure the episodes will come out much shorter than that after editing. But nevertheless, we’ll have some YouTube content to fill in the gaps on Tuesdays and Thursdays that means that you’re going to get data cutter content, Monday, all the way through Friday, every single day. And I’m learning how to do better social media management because frankly, I’m not good at that. So I’m employing all sorts of new tools to help me push that forward and actually do something positive with it. So in any case, if you have any questions, let me know. Or if you have any suggestions for topics that you’d like to hear a deep dive on, I’m more than happy to cover that. So
Oh, I also
have a new tagline. And I’m still shopping it around. I’m still workshopping it, but you’ll hear it at the end of the the the altro but I’m going with keep getting dirty with data here. keep getting down and dirty with it. I can’t even remember what I already recorded. Anyways, I’m working on it. So next time, or at least until Episode 57 be which is live now. keep getting dirty with data. That’s it for the show. Thank you for listening. Be sure to follow us on any of our many social media pages and be sure to like and subscribe down below so that you get the latest from data couture. Finally, if you’d like to help support the show, then consider heading over to our Patreon page@patreon.com forward slash data couture. writing, editing and production of this podcast is done by your host Jordan Bohall. So until next time, keep getting down and dirty with data

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