Press Pack

Welcome to Data Couture: the podcast about data culture at work, at home, and on the go! The show comprises three episodes per week. Monday shows are closer to drive-time in length, and Wednesday and Friday shows are smaller “data bites” that expound upon the theme of the main episode.


This podcast that combines business, technology, and data management genres is lead by a single host, Jordan Bohall. In each episode multiple acts come together to describe a current problem in data science, automation, business intelligence, and similar topics. Occasionally, other industry professionals are featured through interviews touching on the topic of the week.

Jordan is a data professional serving as the VP of Insights and Analytics in the Financial Services Industry. He also teaches graduate classes in Information Sciences at a public MidWest University. He has earned a PhD in Mathematical Philosophy as well as a MSc in Mathematics. Additionally, Jordan is the creator, editor, and producer of the show and its various web presences.

Check out this short official trailer for the show:

Jordan records, edits, and distributes the podcast from his studio. Given that he is a true audiophile at heart, he uses a setup that is likely fancier than necessary. But, he believes that a good podcast deserves the best audio quality!

Beyond that, Jordan is extremely committed to keeping on top of the latest industry trends as well as following his favorite makers and creators. Be sure to follow the podcast on twitter @datacouturepod. You can witness his nerdy quality in action when, recently, his favorite maker, Adam Savage, actually responded to his tweet:


Feel free to share the image below anywhere you see fit, and, if you are so inclined, then be sure to contact the podcast and Jordan through the contact page above!